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Ting Tong’s Journey

by Maria Benedict, NFC & Golden Futures volunteer 2017

On our first day at New Future for Children (NFC), the first student to come up and greet us was Ting Tong. He is a very friendly and polite 16-year-old boy who has lived at NFC for a long time. On our first day at NFC, Socheat, the director, gave us a list of names of students that needed our help preparing for their futures beyond school. Ting Tong’s name was not on this list, which, if being completely honest, we didn’t take any notice of originally. However, as we settled into NFC we realised that whilst the other students were at class, Ting Tong would never go, and a lot of the time would either be on his own or with his dog. Continue reading “Ting Tong’s Journey”

A day in the life of a Maya Nepal volunteer

by Grace Kim, former Publicity Officer and Social Secretary for Imperial College London

A typical day for a volunteer at Maya begins at 6am if you are lucky enough to be on kitchen duty for breakfast. In the kitchen, your task is to peel and chop vegetables, light a fire, clean dirty pots and wipe down the tables and floors. The school has recently hired a new cook to work full time in the kitchen, which has greatly reduced the work load for us. Once breakfast (Dal Bhat, all day, every day) is served at 8 am, you can enjoy your plate of lentils and rice with the children from the hostel, and exchange morning greetings (Good morning Sir! Good morning Miss!).

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