NFC & ACE, Cambodia

Project Partners: New Future for Children & ACE

Our partners in Cambodia are New Future for Children (NFC), a community education centre in Phnom Penh as well as the Advanced Centre for Empowerment (ACE). Volunteers from InterVol have volunteered at NFC since 2006 and ACE since 2017 supporting the young people to get into careers and university, breaking the cycle of poverty. Now, volunteers from the University of Nottingham have the opportunity to work with young adults who have graduated from NFC as well as those at ACE.

The majority of children at NFC are day students from the local community from low-income families along with a small number of live-in students. This project supports the process of reducing the number of large orphanages in Cambodia (deinstitutionalisation) and supports the remaining live-in students to gain employment and attend university; NFC no longer accepts live-in students and will move to a completely community-based model once all children graduate. There is also an opportunity to work on outreach programmes with New Future for Children’s sister programmes working in similar roles on community education programmes and to support community education sessions with ACE.

Skills required: Experience or knowledge of working and communicating with young adults, strong communication skills both verbally and in written form.

Project duration: 4-6 weeks (negotiable).

Number of volunteers: 4-6.

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