Little Sports, Kenya

Project Partner: Little Sports Organisation (LSO)

The project in Kenya is in conjunction with the Little Sports Organisation (LSO). InterVol volunteers from the University of Birmingham have been working with LSO since 2009.

This project focuses on sports coaching in schools and has been held in both Nairobi and the Mombasa region in recent years. Through LSO children access their ‘right to play’. Through sport, children are taught life skills that will assist them to take steps out of poverty. InterVol volunteers at LSO support the coaching of sports such as football, cricket and rugby in schools which is a rare opportunity for these children to exercise, have fun and learn to play as a team. LSO’s programme offers children the social tools and encouragement they need to become valuable members of society and also greatly increases attendance in mainstream schooling as children want to come into school to play sports.

InterVol volunteers work to assist local LSO coaches to allow larger groups of children to benefit from coaching; the sports coached vary but usually include football, touch rugby and cricket. Funds raised by the volunteers support local coach salaries and sports equipment to provide long-term impacts and sustainability.

Skills required: Experience of running sports activities for children, ideally basic coaching qualifications.

Length: 4-6 weeks.

NGO: Little Sports Organisation

Number of volunteers: 5-7.

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  • You can download the Kenya project handbook here.