How InterVol works

InterVol has an annual process in place that works around the academic year at each of our university groups:

1. Student volunteers apply and register interest for projects and attend information and selection days (October – December).

2. Volunteers are selected, interviewed and placed in teams (December-January). We do not accept every volunteer that applies for InterVol and carefully select teams based on the skill-sets required for each project.

3. Project teams receive training in cultural awareness, child protection, first aid and their specific project as they fund-raise as a group towards a target to cover the direct costs of the project (January – June). This includes an intensive training day on cultural awareness and international security for all for volunteers.

4. Volunteers fly out to their project country for between 3-8 weeks, many volunteers choose to travel after their project is completed (June-September). Volunteers cover their own travel and accommodation costs.

5. Projects are evaluated by the InterVol committees, partner NGOs and trustees (September-October).

Check out our current projects under the ‘Projects’ tab.