Fundraising Guide

Fundraising will be an important part of your preparation for your project. It is an opportunity to raise the grant funding to support your project objectives and a fantastic way to promote and advocate the principles and work of InterVol.

There are countless different ways you can raise money for your InterVol project, but we suggest you choose one that you will enjoy the most!

Just remember two things – keep it simple and have fun!

You can download our fundraising guides here for the Virgin Money Giving system. Virgin Money Giving have very low fees on donations compared to all the other online giving sites out there which means more funding for our projects and donors can also choose to ‘cover the fees’ to give 100% of their donation to us. The InterVol fundraising guide can be downloaded here: Fundraising Guide 2020 (PDF format).

Fundraising Ideas

Merazonia 2016 fundraising mud run

Whenever and wherever you are fundraising be sure to tell everyone: Who we are and what we do!

“InterVol is an international volunteering charity in the United Kingdom that offers university students the opportunity to volunteer with ethical organisations overseas on poverty reduction, education and conservation programmes.”

Be sure to make it clear where the money you are raising will be spent and how it will help and remember to note our charity number (1136099) on posters, flyers and fundraising buckets so that people can look us up at the Charity Commission should they want to.

Here are a few popular fundraising ideas…

Band Nights Everyone enjoys live music so why not organise a gig of your own? Whether it’s a themed night, a ‘Battle of the Bands’ or a classical concert the night will present lots of ways to raise funds.

Quiz Nights
Organise just one night or a whole series of quizzes in your local pub or students’ union.

Imperial Project Nepal 2012

Can you face 24 hours of not speaking? A week without a beer? Or perhaps you would prefer a more physical challenge – a sponsored cycle or swim? There are plenty of things you can get sponsored for. Don’t forget to set up an online donations page – you’ll be sure to get a lot more support.

Dinner Party
Cook a fancy meal and invite your friends – for a price!

Get permission to collect at your local supermarket, pub, football club, high street. You’d be surprised at how much you can make (especially if you smile!) You will need to contact the relevant authority first to seek permission to collect.

Top Tips for Fundraising!

Plan in advance
Think carefully about the event before you start and put an action plan together. Contact people who might be willing to help you.

Work out a budget
Make sure the expected income from your event is much higher than the cost of running it.

Advertise your event
Tell everyone! Spread the word and don’t forget to mention your event on our Facebook & Twitter pages. We would love to attend and help with getting the word out!

The legal stuff
Make sure you have permission from the appropriate authority to hold your event/collection and if you’re shaking buckets make sure to have our charity number on there.

If you need more help or advice about fundraising just ask:

Your committee: Just get in touch with your committee to find out what events work best on your campus and to make sure you are coordinated with other volunteers and groups.

On Facebook: search ‘InterVol’ and send us a message.

By e-mail: