Video Learning

InterVol recommends the following videos and films on international development and volunteering overseas responsibly, which are free to view online. We have selected them to match-up with our training day agenda where the themes below will be expanded upon. We also recommend that you read as much as you can about your host country as possible, both historically and culturally, ahead of your work overseas.

The following resources are listed in a logical order so that you can progress through in a series. Please note that these videos are meant as an introduction only and are not a definitive standpoint, they are intended to introduce the topics and we encourage you to find other sources to expand your knowledge alongside your volunteering work.

  1. A Very Brief History of Development. A short introduction to key issues in development today and historical context.

2. The Voluntourist. A half-hour film on the pitfalls of badly thought-out ‘voluntourism’ projects. This film is an eye-opener for low-impact projects that charge volunteers to work on short-term projects. Please compare with the steps we take at InterVol to ensure our approach is sustainable, we do not consider ourselves a ‘voluntourism’ operator, but it is important for volunteer to be aware of these critiques.

3. Safeguarding Training Resource. For all volunteers planning on working with or interacting with children on their projects we recommend watching this video (you will be trained on child protection at your InterVol training day and through your student union if necessary). There is some group work so we recommend you watch this with some of your group members.