Travel Advice

Register with the UK embassy

We strongly recommend that all InterVol volunteers register with their local UK consulate by email when they arrive at their project country and closely monitor updates from the UK government and local sources during their stay. The UK government publishes travel advice by country, which can be found here: For students who are non-UK nationals it is recommended that you also register with your own country’s embassy if possible.

Research ethical and practical travel planning

There is a useful (brief) ethical travel guide available from Moon Travel Guides here:, these list key things to take into account when travelling overseas and are adapted from a Centre for Outdoor Ethics resource.

Reduce your carbon footprint where possible

Do try to minimise the carbon cost of your overseas trip where possible. Taking buses and trains can make a big difference rather than flights. We strongly recommend that for projects undertaken in Europe that you take the opportunity to travel by train, ferry and bus, allowing you to travel and explore as well as greatly reduce your carbon footprint, you can find out more at and Seat 61.

A good carbon offsetting charity which lets you calculate your carbon output based on your flights and transport is the World Land Trust which can boast Sir David Attenborough as a patron and advocate.

Get the best deal on flights

For finding the cheapest flights and checking available routes and timings we recommend Sky Scanner, you should always shop around as much as you can and see if you can find a students-only deal that could beat high street prices. Booking well in advance can make a big difference also, especially for longer flights so don’t wait too long after you are selected.

Do discuss travel planning with your project leaders and coordinators, as well as advice from your host organisation, their first-hand experience of local transport particularly will be invaluable!

Note: InterVol do not organise your travel and accommodation directly, you will personally be responsible for choosing the best flights and accommodation that work for your team. You can get advice from your local committee and partner charity overseas.