Get Involved

There are a bunch of ways that you can get involved with InterVol, from recommending a new partner organisation or becoming a project leader at your university, to becoming a volunteer, trustee or advisor.

Become a volunteer
To apply to become a volunteer with InterVol, please contact our university groups at each university, see our individual university pages for their contact information. Please note that each university has an individual deadline for its annual projects; contact your university group directly to find out the deadline.

Set up an InterVol group at your university
If you are interested in setting up a new InterVol group at your university we are happy to hear from you to discuss further, visit the main contact page.

Become a trustee or advisor
We are always on the lookout for useful skills and experience to add to our trustee board as either full trustees or advisors for specific projects or themes. In this role you can support our student committees, training programme and monitoring and evaluation  processes. If you are interested and have experience in the international volunteering and development sector, particularly if you are an InterVol alumni, then please check out the full trustee and advisor role information here.

Become an InterVol partner
We are always open to hearing from potential partner charities in developing countries. Please make it clear why you require student volunteers to build your capacity and achieve your organisational goals. We are particularly keen to hear from charities in the countries and regions we already work in as we can then arrange for volunteers to visit for research purposes during the summer months. Email us at

Please note that we can currently only accept volunteers who are university students in the United Kingdom as our committees are hosted by student unions and guilds.