Trustee & Advisory Roles

InterVol Trustee & Advisors Person Specification

Trustee Roles

InterVol are looking for new intake of trustees to join our board, both in general roles and specifically as our treasurer. The trustees are responsible for ensuring that InterVol follows our guiding charity principles and acts within the law, this includes the timely submission of annual accounts and information returns to the Charity Commission as well as ensuring that volunteering is as safe as possible through sound risk assessment and provision of insurance.

Trustees are concerned with the long-term strategy of InterVol, providing institutional memory, advice to student committees, and delivering training to each year’s volunteer groups. We are particularly looking for a trustee with a specialism in financial management to oversee our accounts, make grants donations and payments, and report on our finances annually to the Charity Commission. Trustees in non-finance roles will be allocated roles most relevant to their own experience e.g. specific university group support, overseas projects or thematic areas.

As a trustee you are expected to:

  • Attend termly meetings and annual training events where possible. Termly meetings are usually held online while training days are held each Spring in Birmingham and London.
  • Provide advice as necessary to the trustee board and our committees through email and social media private groups on an ad hoc basis depending on your areas of expertise.
  • Work on specific projects with other trustees and advisors e.g. managing interns, setting up new project partnerships, risk assessment.
  • Investigate potential new partnerships in both the United Kingdom and overseas to forward the goals of the charity and strengthen our existing university projects.
  • Attend training and network events to represent InterVol to make new connections and bring new ideas into the charity.
  • Provide inputs to our website (e.g. blogs, volunteer learning materials) and support social media communications.
  • Commit to 2-3 years of supporting the charity before handing over or renewing your term.
  • Be based in the United Kingdom to allow travel to meetings.

Person Specification:

  • Direct experience of working, researching or volunteering in a low- or middle-income country
  • Passionate about ethical international volunteering
  • Strong teamwork and collaboration skills
  • Flexible and able to provide support on an ad hoc basis
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Understanding of international development issues (desirable)
  • Experience of InterVol’s project partners and/or university committees (desirable)
  • Accounting and finance experience (treasurer role)

Advisory Roles

InterVol is also looking for Advisors to help support our work in specific thematic areas without the longer-term commitment of being a trustee. This may be advising on a particular area of work or specific task alongside the trustee board. We are specifically interested in people with expertise and experience in:

  • Fundraising
  • Youth volunteering
  • Training volunteers
  • Monitoring and evaluating projects

Application Process

To apply please email a CV and a covering email/letter explaining why you feel you are suitable for the roles and specifying your areas of expertise. We will arrange informal interviews as convenient either in-person or via Skype/telephone. New trustees will join for six months in a probationary advisory role before being formally registered as trustees. Advisors will be invited to join meetings and work on specific projects as agreed. We recommend that those interested read the Charity Commission’s ‘Essential Trustee’ guidance here to understand the legal duties associated with the roles.

We can be contacted at with any queries on these roles and to submit your application. We recommend that you review our website to review our approach and current projects. Applications will remain open until the roles are filled.

Please note there are no salaries or compensation payments associated with these voluntary roles. Travel expenses will be covered to attend meetings.