Maya Academy, Nepal

The project in Nepal is run in conjunction with the Maya Universe Academy, a Nepal-based charitable organisation that aims to give each child a quality and free primary education through small rural schools. Volunteers are required in a variety of roles including as classroom assistants as well as assisting skilled workers to construct a boarding house for children who live a long way from the school, allowing more children to receive a quality education. Volunteers will also support extra-curricular activities in the school which have in the past included first aid & health education, IT skills development, and sport coaching.

The volunteers will raise funds for crucial construction projects at the schools which have in previous years included classrooms and boarding houses for the most rural students who live more than a day’s walk away from their closest school.

This project is available for Imperial College London students in the 2018/19 academic year.

Skills required: Experience of supporting/running activities for children; basic engineering skills, education experience, IT skills to build staff capacity, health education experience.

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