Sambhali Trust, India

Project Partner: Sambhali Trust

Our new project partner for 2019, the Sambhali Trust, works to develop the skills of women and girls in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Our volunteers at Lancaster University and Birmingham University will be recruiting the first team of volunteers to support this project with positions available in a range of internship-style roles as well as being involved in supporting education activities at the centre. We will match volunteers based on their experience and interests to best meet the needs of the Sambhali Trust.

Skills required: Experience or knowledge of social work, general administration, vocational training skills and IT knowledge. Volunteers will work in support roles and not in lead roles with vulnerable children or adults.

Length: 4-8 weeks (negotiable).

Number of volunteers: 4-6 volunteers.

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Useful Links

  • Sambhali’s website:
  • Free Hindi language resources at Live Lingua.
  • A summary of Sambhali’s work and volunteer programme on Youtube: