Lancaster University

InterVol Lancaster formed in 2011 and now supports projects with organisations in both Uganda and Bulgaria. The project is based within the Lancaster University Students’ Union (LUSU). InterVol Lancaster run two volunteer projects: one in Uganda focusing on health and sanitation and the other in Bulgaria working on care for vulnerable children.

The project in Uganda works with Little Big Africa (LBA a Ugandan health and sanitation NGO. Volunteers fundraise for the project and travel to Eastern Uganda to support the construction of water tanks, protect water sources and build fuel efficient stoves in rural communities. For more details on the project see the Uganda project section of our website.

The project in Bulgaria works with Oxford Aid to the Balkans (OXAB) in orphanages and centres for disabled children across Bulgaria and also provides sustainable funding to allow year-round support for the centres. For more details on the project see the Bulgaria project section of our website.

Please contact InterVol Lancaster at: with any queries or see their facebook page.