Nottingham University

InterVol at Nottingham University is a student-led volunteering project within the University of Nottingham Student’s Union. We are currently in the process of forming a new InterVol Nottingham committee, which will begin recruitment and activities for the 2021/22 academic year with a focus on our refugee support project in partnership with Care4Calais.


Over 60 Nottingham University students have worked overseas with us since 2008 and over £15,000 of grant funding has been raised for education and community development. InterVol Nottingham has supported poverty reduction, rural water projects, and community education in both Uganda and Cambodia over the past decade. To apply to be an InterVol volunteer at Nottingham University please complete the application form here:

InterVol Nottingham Volunteering Application Form

To submit your form and for queries on InterVol Nottingham please get in touch with us at:

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  • Katie Willis’ volunteering story on her education project with Golden Futures in Cambodia.
  • Maria Benedict’s blog on career support for young people at the New Future for Children centre in Phnom Penh.
  • Check out InterVol Nottingham’s Facebook group here.

Feature photo: The Trent Building, University of Nottingham, by Shamraze/Nuhaize (Flickr)