OXAB BG, Bulgaria

Project Partner: OXAB Bulgaria

The project in Bulgaria is in conjunction with OXAB Bulgaria, a registered charitable organisation in Bulgaria that supports children in community day centres. Volunteers from the University of Birmingham and Lancaster University volunteer in community-based centres, including those for disabled children, in the Veliko-Turnovo region as activity assistants. This project is one of InterVol’s longest standing partnerships and has been running successfully since 2004.

A key element of this project is that the funds raised support OXAB Bulgaria’s innovative year-round student mentoring project. This uses Bulgarian university students as mentors to ensure long-term impact for the graduates of the centres that we volunteer in to break the cycle of poverty. InterVol and OXAB BG support the ongoing process of deinstitutionalisation, the move away from large orphanages to foster care and community-based care in Bulgaria, through supporting community-based care in the day centres that are replacing orphanages as the Bulgarian government phases those out by 2025. The local project coordinator, Katia Zlatkova, is a member of the regional committee for deinstitutionalisation and an academic in the fields of at-risk youth, education and social work. All volunteers will be DBS checked and will receive child protection training in the United Kingdom and orientation in Bulgaria.

As this project works in a range of different centres the age and abilities of the children vary. While with some placements, you might be organising sports and other outdoor activities, or, for example art or music, in others the children will be less able and less active, and so your work would be restricted to more basic interactions. The project works during the summer holidays in Bulgaria where the centres are under more strain and need support as resources and time are both very limited.

Skills required: Experience of supporting and running activities for children, teaching experience, strong communication skills, interest in social welfare and care is desirable.

Length: 3-4 weeks (negotiable)

Number of volunteers: Groups of 4-5 volunteers.

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