Oxford Brookes

InterVol at Oxford Brookes University was set up as a registered society of the Brookes Union in 2018 and the founding president volunteered at the Maya Academy in Nepal that summer.

The first full project was set up in partnership with the Nancholi Youth Organisation (NAYO) in Southern Malawi in 2019. Volunteers worked to support NAYO’s community health programme and under-5s health clinic. In 2019, £600 of grant funding was raised to support NAYO’s health programmes alongside the volunteering project. In 2020, despite not being able to visit Malawi due to the coronavirus pandemic a further £500 grant was raised to support NAYO’s work on COVID-19 response and providing essential services to the local community.

From 2021 onwards the society is looking for volunteers across a range of overseas projects, including NAYO in Malawi, Sambhali Trust in India, and Care4Calais’ refugee support programmes in Northern France with projects planned for Summer 2022.

Email brookes@intervol.org.uk for inquiries on how to get involved.

Check out InterVol Oxford Brookes on Facebook.


Feature photo:  Oxford Brookes University Headington Campus (Copyright: Oxford Brookes University)