Little Big Africa, Uganda

InterVol Nottingham and InterVol Lancaster work with a Ugandan organisation called Little Big Africa (LBA) who support rural community development through improving sanitation and building safe stoves.  LBA have been running in Mbale (Eastern Uganda) and the surrounding villages since 2005 and InterVol sent out our first volunteer group to LBA in 2009. The project involves four main parts:

1. Supporting skilled labourers to build a 10,000 litre water capture tank at a school.
2. Protecting a water source and working with LBA staff to train locals to maintain it.
3. Supporting skilled staff to build fuel efficient stoves.
4. Teaching the school staff and local community how to use and maintain these resources to ensure sustainability.

A week of training is provided in Uganda to prepare volunteers for the project, this includes both language and cultural awareness training.

Skills required: Volunteers with strong communication skills, basic engineering knowledge, an interest in health education, water and sanitation (WASH) are very welcome to apply.

NGO: Little Big Africa –

Number of volunteers: Groups of 6.

Duration: 6-7 weeks.

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  • To view a PowerPoint presentation about the Uganda project, please click here.